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3D architectural printing technology advantages
Nov 13, 2017

1. construction speed at least 10 times faster, and the type of construction, complexity and other factors will not increase construction costs;

2. because the journey from the computer program control, directly based on the CAD design construction construction to produce only the 5~10mm error, this technology allows the design accuracy and freedom in the past unheard of, design ideas of architects and workers problems will no longer impede architects to express;

3. don't need templates, custom type strong, good plasticity, can print out any detail features and complex surfaces, pipes and so on;

4. enables consumers to tailor their products according to their own needs;

5., no manual intervention means that the construction industry casualty risk substantially reduced, a large number of personnel labor savings, and reduce the cost of safety measures for construction;

6. materials, greatly saves the building cost of transportation;

7. because of the overall structure forming, the seismic performance of building is greatly enhanced;

8. can adapt to harsh environment, such as plateau, snow capped mountains, desert, ocean, and even extraterrestrial planets for the construction conditions are extremely harsh environment for construction;

9. can be used in the protection of ancient literature, accurate restoration of ancient buildings damaged, lost part;

10. can reduce building dust pollution, reduce fog and haze, protect the environment, achieve green environmental protection.

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