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3D print of trachea splint recoverable 7-month-old baby's breath
Sep 21, 2018

As the end of the tracheal surgery, the child is placed on the heart-lung machine surgery to repair a heart defect.

Plywood is a kind of 3D printing's windpipe is still in development of new devices, because of its safety and effectiveness has not yet been determined, thus cannot be used for clinical purposes.Children's team for the FDA emergency permits, in order to promote extended access under the guide of the program.

"Using 3D printing technology to save the child the possibility of life is the power of our every day in the lab," Hollister said, he is also a Georgia institute of technology of 3D medical manufacturing center director professor and Wallace H.Georgia tech and emory university's department of biomedical engineering."We are determined to develop meet the demand of Georgia's most complex pediatric patients with innovative solutions."

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