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3D print power make pioneering jet flight suit, fu can change human traffic
Nov 14, 2018

EOS chief digital officer Gungor Kara insisted: "Richard and his team are constantly expand the boundaries of possibility.As the pioneer of industrial 3D printing enterprises, the EOS also with the same spirit of innovation.In order to build the jet flight suit, Gravity Industries need high quality components to provide a high stability, at the same time also need to reduce components weight to support continuous iteration and optimization of the products.This is to add material manufacturing to play a role of advantage, because it can promote enterprise upgrading way of design and manufacturing, to provide real added value.In this day and age, break through the limit are the necessary conditions for innovation."


At present, the EOS is with Gravity Industries work together, through the related parts of design optimization and increase material manufacturing technology, improving the performance in the jet flight suit.Based on EOS polymer material technology, the flight suit cable routing, electronics and battery shell were manufactured by increasing material manufacturing technology.EOS metal at the same time the 3D printing technology is also used jet flight suit arm bracket and thrust controller.During the project cooperation, research and development team through the use of aluminum material replace titanium powder material, not only to achieve the cost substantially compression, also make the arm bracket of jet of a 10% reduction in weight.Using the material manufacturing technology, design optimization to rapid implementation, such as rapid design iterations.Now, jet flight suit the original eight parts by increasing material manufacturing reduced to three, to further reduce the potential risk reduction in the number of the connector.At the same time, the new bionic design also let jet flight suit with lightweight connection structure.All of which makes assembly to further simplify the aftermath of the flight suit.

Gravity Industries, founder and chief test pilot Richard historically more harmonious brownings were said: "in the royal marines experience ever, when I began to consider the invention of the jet flight suit, gave me a lot of inspiration.Because I was daily life is continually break your limits.For me, innovation comes from the courage and daring to think impossible.Now, we have expanded the boundaries of 'may represent, and is through innovation to create different future every day.In the process of this exciting, increase material manufacturing to give us a great help."


About Gravity Industries
Founded in March 2017, Gravity Industries vision aimed at the development and utilization of cutting-edge technology to build the great human mind, body and machine, to conceive human flight.Gravity is through a series of Industries is applying for patent technology to strengthen the function of human body and mind, realize the human flight than ever.Gravity based on the vision has been successfully developed jet flight suit.So far, more than one billion people worldwide through a network video experience Gravity Industries of technology innovation products.Only in the video released within seven days, watching volume has more than 60 million times.Gravity after the establishment of a year, has been successfully held in 19 countries and regions for 57 flight activities, and four TED speech.

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