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3D print will increase the likelihood of heart treatment.
Apr 26, 2018

Dr Bramlet has built different models of the heart for different types of heart surgery.All the operations were successful.In his first case, the digital image showed a small hole in the baby's heart.However, the 3D printing model shows some other defects or problems at birth.Dr Bramlet says these defects are hard to see in the image.Heart surgeons can change the type of surgery a patient can perform based on a 3D model.He added that the 3d heart model saves time during heart surgery.Kathy Magliato is a cardiac surgeon at st. John's medical center in Los Angeles.She welcomed the new technology.

She said it could help her make better decisions before her patient had heart surgery.In fact, I can use this very complicated structure, when the operation, it has the look of infinite close to see on anatomy, you give it to me before the surgery, I can put it in her hand, and then I can see, touch and feel around doing a surgery.For me, this may change the game and save lives.Matthew Bramlet went on to study the technology.He is working with the national institutes of health to create a three-dimensional library of images that include a heart model and other images that others can use.


Be worth what carry is, 3D printing (3dp) is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, it is a kind of based on the digital model file, using the adhesive materials, such as powder metal or plastic to construct objects by means of step by step a print technology.

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