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3D printer silk is not smooth, how to solve
Nov 13, 2017

3D printer to print out the wire is generally realized in several situations:

1, plate wire stuck, can cause poor silk

2, no silk when printing;

3, insufficient silk output;

4. Producing faults;

The print head plug, 3D printing is not smooth solution:

1, heating the print head, remove the material from the print head (Note: be sure to pull out the material in the print head under the conditions of heating cooling state forcibly pull out will lead to more serious blockage);

2, pull the wire, the wire is inserted into the pipes again, such as wire melting out, repeated several times until the final silk smooth (the purpose is to make the semi molten wire residue in nozzle blockage or adhesion out);

3, the use of wire or the nozzle diameter is less than the smallest type of inner six angle wrench dredging nozzle;

4, the nozzle temperature manual height adjustment, manual to pipe extrusion wire, so that the normal spinning nozzle;

The above methods can not solve the 3D printing is not smooth, remove the print head:

1, remove the nozzle, the nozzle in the adhesion part of the material with a spray gun heat, will stick in the nozzle material and clean of impurities;

The nozzle 2, cleaning or replacement after the re installed, if the wire is not smooth, it is necessary to consider the need to replace the pipes of the PTFE tube, if PTFE pipe deformation occurs, will cause serious plug;

3, re install the print head, you can smooth out silk;

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