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3D printing almost any shape new methods of lithium ion batteries
Oct 23, 2018

From smartphones, tablets to electronic cigarettes and electric vehicles, power lithium ion battery for everything.So far, the size of the manufacturers have to around a standard battery design equipment, this equipment design choices and capacity limits the consumer.But in Christopher reyes and Benjamin wiley, researchers have developed a new method, can be in any shape of lithium ion battery for 3 d printing, their application in ACS reported their results on energy materials.

Most of the lithium ion battery is not on the market a rectangle is cylindrical.Theoretically, 3D printing can print out almost any shape of the whole equipment, including batteries, structure, and electronic components.3D printing, however, the problems existing in the lithium ion battery, polymer for 3D printing, such as (lactic acid) (PLA), poly (lactic acid) (PLA) is not ionic conductor.The researchers hope to find a use of low cost and widely used fuse manufacturing 3D printer to print a complete method of lithium ion battery.

In order to improve the ionic conductivity of PLA, the researchers use PLA for 3D printing, injecting electrolyte solution.In addition, they will graphene or multi-walled carbon nanotubes to join anode or cathode respectively, in order to help improve the electrical conductivity of the battery.

In order to show the potential of the battery, the researchers 3D printing of an integrated lithium ion battery LED bracelet.And this bracelet battery can provide green LED with electricity is about 60 seconds.

The research team, points out that the first generation of 3D printing of battery capacity is lower than commercial battery two orders of magnitude, and commercial battery capacity is too low, can't actually use.Future work may include development and improve the 3D printing battery capacity method, such as "3D printing slurry replacing polymer base material of the positive and negative, the paste can adapt to the active material of high load, can be printed with polymer separator and the shell."Using alternative nanomaterials, such as reduction of graphene oxide, may either as a conductive filler, also can be used as active material, thereby eliminating the activity of inactive conductive material and low conductive material needs.Another way is, the active material LTO and LMO packaging, the use of conductive filler mixed with polymer before, when they exist in low concentration in the polymer, can be improved and the active material of electrical contact.These results will be beneficial to those who seek to create energy storage materials and equipment, these can be 3D printed materials and equipment, used to make any shape of the battery.

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