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3D printing gum, any shape any taste can do
Nov 07, 2018

On November 5, wacker chemical at the first China international import expo, on display group in recent years, the development of cutting-edge technologies and products.Including the automotive, aerospace, medical and mechanical engineering has great application prospect in the field of ACEO organic silicon 3D printing, can be used as electroactive polymers used in intelligent products and wave energy power generation and other industrial applications of silicone precision thin film, and chewing gum can give personalized color, shape and taste of gum 3D printing.In addition to the presentation of organic silicon in China for the first time 3D printing and gum 3D printing, wacker booth was equipped with the holographic lens, viewers can learn about organic silicon with the help of virtual reality technology in the application of new energy vehicles.

"Import expo highlights the Chinese government firmly support of trade liberalization and economic globalization, and take the initiative to open to the world market."Wacker group director, says Dr, as a company that actively support free trade and economic globalization, wacker group is one of the earliest several German companies decided to show.China is, the world's largest single market, the company in China half of 1.2 billion euros in sales from imported products, at the same time, 20% of wacker products in China will export the international market, free trade is of great significance for wacker."Through this exhibition, wacker will introduce company cutting-edge products and technologies to the Chinese market, looking for potential customers and partners, to jointly develop the Chinese market, and help China to high-end manufacturing transformation."Wacker greater China President of rush limbaugh.

ACEO silicone 3D printing is the world's first 3D printing technology based on the silicone elastomer, the DOD technology on demand drops of glue, can be used in the production of a variety of complex geometry parts accessories, and cannot be produced after "impossible".Wacker silicone precision is 100% purity of ultra-thin silicon film.The film thickness and uniform, the minimum of 20 microns, the intensity of dielectric is as high as more than 100 kv/mm.Because of their excellent electrical and mechanical performance, stability, and environmental compatibility, wacker silicone precision membrane can be used as electroactive polymer (EAP) for intelligent wearable products and wave energy power generation.In addition, the precision ultra-thin silicon thin film in the actuators, can control shift slightly, to help manufacturers design is very precise and efficient pump, relay, artificial muscles, clamping device and sound system.

Of the world's first chewing gum, 3D printing using the company new type CAPIVA blends gum rubber base, CAPIVA viscosity was much lower than traditional rubber base, thus can be used in a 3D printer for processing.This new technology can make the gum is no longer limited to the shape of strip, granular or massive, also can add fruit juice, coffee or plant extracts, and many other water-based natural food ingredients, chewing gum can give personalized color, shape and taste.Compared with traditional gum, made with the technology of gum viscosity is low, easy to remove from the object surface.

In addition, wacker booth with holographic lens, through the cutting edge of virtual reality technology, the audience can interact with a panoramic virtual car, know wacker silicone products in the application of new energy vehicles.As a kind of bonding, sealing, filling and sealing or coating materials, organic silicon can be used for all kinds of new energy automobile motor, batteries and electric control, and other important components, to ensure that these components and functional performance, prolong the service life of power system as far as possible, and through the heat conduction of organic silicon design compact battery system effective thermal and electrical components.

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