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3D printing has become the new darling of the traditional footwear industry
Nov 13, 2017

In recent years, with the application of 3D printing technology in modern manufacturing industry, many footwear brand has already started to carry out intelligent production using 3D printing technology, has changed the previous generation of artificial design and production of wooden shoe production process, in order to take the initiative in the fierce competition in the market. As the world's largest brand sports shoes and casual shoes manufacturers, is located in the shoe of Dongguan Baocheng group company, its subsidiary Dongguan Yu Yuan mould Co. Ltd is keenly aware of the new trends in the market, at the beginning of 2013 to UnionTech reached a strategic cooperation agreement, Thailand, UnionTech for special 3D Luen Thai shoe print equipment and software for the custom development, and in the early and late proofing shoes R & D shoes production modulus the application directions to provide comprehensive integrated solutions, the application of 3D printing technology to the shoe production process.

In Dongguan Yuan Yuan Mold Co., Ltd. mold fixture test center can see, designers in the computer shoes 3D design, the design of their own into the modeling software, the system will automatically generate their own digital model. Just a few hours, the light curing UnionTech Luen Thai (SLA) printer can quickly complete the soles, shoe, accessories and materials, and to test the design or structure is reasonable so as to speed up product development.

Since cooperation, 3D printing technology has become a revolutionary and innovative production mode of Dongguan Yuyuan Mold Co., ltd.. Dongguan has a well-known footwear industry both in China and around the world. There are perfect raw materials market, mature distribution market system, professional shoe-making technology, etc.. For Dongguan yuan Mold Co., Ltd., such ODM companies, 3D printing technology helps to brand customers develop unique and innovative quality footwear products to meet their market demand.

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