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3D printing movement function recover injured rats spinal cord stents application can be extended to human
Jan 18, 2019

At the university of California, San Diego school of medicine and medical engineering institute researchers 14 in a paper just published in the journal nature medicine, said they use rapid 3D printing technology for the first time, produce the imitation of the central nervous system of the structure of the spinal cord scaffold, after the loading of neural stem cells implanted into rats of severe damage to the spinal cord within the spine, success to help restore the function of movement in rats.

The support structure design imitation of the central nervous system, assumes the circular, just two millimeters thick, support for H structure among, is around dozens of tiny channels 200 microns in diameter, and used to guide the implanted neural stem cells and axons grow along the spinal cord injury.In the rat model experiments, the researchers will support with neural stem cells transplanted into the site of severe spinal cord injury in rats.After a few months, new spinal cord tissue injury completely regenerated, and effectively connect with the host spinal cord, the movement of the hind legs of rats function improved significantly.

Researchers say, 3D printing support provides a stable physical structure, to ensure that toxicity of implanted stem cells from injury and inflammation of the environmental impact, and help the axon completely through the lesion site.The success of this experiment, shows that they have to fix the goal of human spinal cord injury took a key step.

In this study, the team used the fast 3D printing, and only 1.6 seconds to 2 mm thick spinal cord scaffold is complete, if use the traditional ink-jet printer, you need to several hours to finish this work., the researchers said this method can also be extended to human, to promote repair of spinal cord injury clinical trials in human body.As a proof of concept, they according to the actual human body modeling of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scans of spinal cord injury, to make the bracket of the spinal cord length is 4 cm, print and complete the stents is only 10 minutes.

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