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3D printing of trachea splint recoverable 7-month-old babys breath
Sep 21, 2018

With the help of Georgia institute of technology, Atlanta, children's health care company (Georgia 's Healthcare of Atlanta) was carried out by Georgia for the first time place the 3D printing trachea splint application in pediatric patients.The team used the three 3D printing custom splint to help a 7-month-old patients breathing, against life-threatening airway obstruction.

The patient suffering from congenital heart disease and tracheal bronchus bate disease, this situation will lead to severe life-threatening airway obstruction.During childhood pediatric intensive care unit in the hospital for six months, he often appear airway collapse, not through the routine operation method is correct.Clinical operation team suggest inserting an experimental 3D printing tracheal plywood, it is a still in the development of new, used to open the airway and expansion of the trachea and bronchi.

Plywood by Scott Hollister design, is his childhood and Alan Reese (Alan Dorris), chairman of pediatrics technology foundation, the foundation is by the Georgia institute of technology (Georgia Tech) and Atlanta Children care center (Children 's Healthcare of Atlanta) jointly sponsored.

The process begins from the patients' airway CT scanning.Hollister and his team created a variety of different size of plywood, to ensure that the surgical team placed during the operation??Around the airway in patients with a perfect fit.

In a complex 10 hours of surgery, children's cross-functional surgeon team on August 17, 2018 in the morning successfully in patients with tracheal placed around the three 3D printing plate.Plywood will eventually be absorbed into the body, so as to expand the trachea and bronchi.

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