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3d printing pen application
Nov 13, 2017

3D bio printers enable human organs to print on demand. 3D bio printers are based on existing technologies that are currently being used to build 3D models of industrial components.

Although the 2010 3D bio printer has begun, but it is still in the early stage of testing, Invetech and Organovo of the two companies claimed that this technology will be able to ascend into production in the artery required in bypass surgery and veins within 5 years, like making the heart and liver of this kind of complex organ is expected to achieve in 10 during the year.

For the emergence of 3D bio printers, the medical community is very looking forward to this. Just as before the "Finch" 3D simulation surgical robot, it will also bring a revolution to the medical profession, to all waiting for the appropriate organ of patients hope.

Scientists say the 3D bio printer can help doctors to study, scanning and duplicating patients need organ, and improve medical services, they believe will soon be able to produce human tissue for this type of printer, completely solve the difficult situation in the medical organ.

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