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3D printing polymer adding nanometer diamond wire
Sep 17, 2018

VTT and based in Helsinki, Carbodeon company developed a called uDiamond ® plastic wire, suitable for consumer and industrial applications, which can realize more 3D printing and printing machine durability.UDiamond wire improves the usability of 3D technology, widening the application range of 3D printing.

                                                       VTT Polymer Pilot department staff

Thermal conductivity of diamond nanoparticles is known and the best one of the most hard materials, the new 3D printing wire can have excellent performance, thanks to its nano diamond particles, the material of the spherical nanometer diamond like lubricant, don't add printer nozzle blockage.

Nano diamond improved the thermal conductivity of the plastic material, help to improve the 3D printing speed.In the test of Carbodeon, printing speed can be increased to 500 mm/s.VTT with Carbodeon is a long-term and reliable partner, and quickly meet the needs of the production.Carbodeon nano diamond materials for the production and use of nanometer diamond enhanced refined products have a wide range of patent protection.

VTT with Carbodeon developed the methods of diamond nanoparticles dispersed in the PLA material, makes the final product is for 3D printing optimized PLA composites, the industrial scale manufacturing.In addition, the VTT test the characteristics of the plastic material and 3D printing.Use the VTT chemical experiment device, the VTT nanometer materials required for the production of the melt processing, to support the production of new products.

Despite the nano diamond at very low concentrations in the materials used, but they also can significantly improve the material performance at low cost.According to the REACH and the EPA evaluation, Carbodeon nano diamond is non-toxic material is suitable for various applications.Nano diamond enhanced PLA plastic also easy to use consumer 3D printer for printing.

With the introduction of nano diamond, plastic melt processing easier, improved mechanical properties.Based on the preliminary test, compared with the already on the market PLA base wire, 3D printing test pieces of the modulus maximum of improved over 200%.VTT Polymer Pilot production, the first group of 600 kg of material batch Carbodeon improvement for its commercial products.

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