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3d printing process suddenly interrupted how to do
Nov 13, 2017

3D printing process interrupt is a common 3D printing quality problems, resulting in printing stopped halfway there are many reasons.

1. Interruption of power supply

Equipment supply interruption in one of two ways: one is home or interrupt the power supply circuit system, another reason is that 3D radiation resulted in poor printer power instability causing power outages.

2, computer failure

When using USB line printing, first of all to exclude whether the computer failure, such as crash, card, sleep, etc.. Make sure the computer is normal during the printing process. If the computer does not fail, whether the USB line with magnetic beads, such as, the need to eliminate electromagnetic interference.

3, file transfer fault

If the file transfer can not be carried out, there is no 3D printer print instructions can be executed, such as computer crashes, lack of capacity, the USB interface problem will cause the file cannot be transmitted normally.

4, equipment parts failure

General 3D printer to complete the printing takes a relatively long time. Some parts are always working continuously for a long time, once their failure will lead to interruption of print.  Take the motor, for example, if the drive device X axis, Y axis, Z axis movement of the motor stop working, layer stacking can not continue.

The last reason is not common, there is a look at the nozzle and interrupt platform temperature, if the heating heating temperature display, there may be not enough power supply, try a few times or this problem, need to replace the printer.

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