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3D printing technology intelligent machine components can remind users of machine damage
Aug 10, 2018

Using advanced additive manufacturing technology, scientists at the united technologies research center and the university of Connecticut have created "" smart" "machine components that can alert users when they are wearing them or when the voltage reading fails. The key to innovation is the use of direct writing.


                                                May remind the machine to be damaged

Direct writing is an additive manufacturing technique in which semi-solid metal "ink" is extruded from the nozzle as it moves across the platform. Therefore, build objects by "writing" the desired shapes layer by layer. Direct writing has many advantages over traditional technology because it reduces cost and improves manufacturing flexibility. The process has allowed UTRC scientists at the university of Connecticut to create conductive silver filaments of thin threads that can be embedded in 3D printed parts when made.

Parallel lines of silver wire (each coupled with a miniature 3D printed resistor) are embedded in the parts during manufacturing and form a circuit when voltage is applied. As the circuit is embedded deeper and deeper into the element from the surface, the voltage values of each new circuit and resistor are higher and higher. Any damage or wear caused by friction of moving parts will cut into one or more circuits, thus damaging the circuit. The greater the damage, the more broken lines. Engineers can assess potential damage through real-time voltage readings without having to take the entire machine apart.

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