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3D printing will increase the likelihood of heart treatment.
Apr 26, 2018

Researchers are now using 3D or 3D printing to create models of the human heart to help heart experts.Heart doctors can use these model exercises before surgery to help patients better.Surgeons often use digital images to carefully explore the heart.But no two minds are alike.This allows Matthew Bramlet to create an accurate heart model from these images. Dr.Bramlet is a pediatric or pediatric cardiologist at the university of Illinois school of medicine.


He says the 3d model shows information he can't get."Even when I take an mri and present an image, even a printed heart that rotates on a screen, it's still a two-dimensional screen.So what do we do to print model, we take it out from the screen so that you can put it in her hand and then evaluate the anatomy and for the first time that makes sense, also is logical."3D printers use images from digital displays to create a physical model of the human heart.

Matthew Bramlet said: "medical test images like CAT scans or MRI will be sent to a 3D printer to create the heart in the form of gypsum or clay."The printer then USES thin layers to construct the heart, says Dr Bramlet, and the model is true in every detail."When we finished the model and made the entity, we were able to go back to the original image and check the differences between the 2D and 3D," he said.

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