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3D Systems and OpHeart are free on 3D print model of the pediatric heart
Nov 24, 2018

According to the American academy of pediatrics, 1% of all children born with congenital heart disease (CHDs), which is the most common birth defects.3D Systems directly with Anne Garcia, who in 2015 founded the OpHeart, six months later, her daughter Ariana was born with a life-threatening heart disease.3D Systems announced their "commitment" hand in hand, to participate in OpHeart any request doctors and parents can receive their 3D print model of patients with coronary heart disease (CHD), in order to surgery or urethral catheterization, whether family or how the hospital's ability to pay.

"We really believe that 3D printing CHD patients with cardiac reproduction ability is a very valuable tool, can save a life, point-blank," Garcia said."We hope everyone with life-threatening heart child can benefit from this technology."

The technology involved in division 2D imaging data to create a 3D digital model, and then 3D printing.3D Systems through its D2P software, ProJet CJP ColorJet 660 pro 3D printers and create 3D print model VisiJet material combination.The company's biomedical experts team used D2P independent modular software package will cardiac MRI or CT scan of the 2D data is converted into a 3D model, the package aimed at resolving and integrating all the 3D model preparation steps.It relies on the automatic segmentation tools, can minimize workload related to create digital patient specific model and time.

Once created, the digital model can be exported to 3D Systems ProJet CJP 660 pro, to create a full color model of the heart, can deliver the goods within the global scope.Panchromatic model allows anatomical structures were selectively coloring, which enables the surgeon to easily identify during consultation with other surgeons and focused on the specific parts of the model, and it will be better operation plan to communicate with patients' families.

"From the surgeon's point of view, will become our 3D printing process can achieve great breakthrough," children's memorial hermann hospital in Houston, Texas), director of the pediatric and congenital heart surgery Jorge Salazar, says Dr He is OpHeart board members."3D Systems provide full color 3D printing model enables us to implement is considered unable to get the results before, their expertise and technology to help us advance treatment and improve the patient's therapeutic effect."

Since there is no insurance reimbursement for these tools, so "palm" initiative is very important to save the lives of children."We hope that with more and more surgical team with OpHeart cooperation, in their CHD surgery using 3D anatomical model of Systems, we will be able to clearly prove what common sense - for the doctor's ability to provide better prepare complex surgery, measurable difference in these children's lives," Garcia added."I hope they will become the standard of care, because the insurance company will realize their value and make reimbursement for its use."

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