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ActivArmor cooperate with JOI for patients to provide personalized 3D printing plate
Jan 09, 2019

ActivArmor is a company located in Colorado, specializing in the production of custom 3D printing plaster and splint.The company is with the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute of medicine (lot of Orthopaedic Institute) cooperation, will be its new medical plaster and splint to Jacksonville areas.

According to the agreement, Jacksonville, orthopaedic institute will lead to 3D printing waterproof ActivArmor medical casting as its customer groups (including the professional athletes) in patients with a choice.

ActivArmor waterproof breathable casting using 3D scanning and printing technology development and personalization.Every ActivArmor equipment is made of high temperature a thermosetting plastic, compared with the traditional mold, the plastic gave great free medical professionals and patients.For example, doctors can free or fixed body of certain areas, and the device can also be through the closure of the mechanism to remove the patent is pending.It is important that these devices have been registered in FDA, and covered by most insurance companies.

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