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Angel Train 3D printing interior trim parts for railway industry
Dec 17, 2018

Traditionally used in these parts of standard thermoplastic has poor mechanical properties and fire resistance, therefore is not suitable for locomotive vehicle applications.Now, the results show that the new high performance materials, including thermoplastics based on PEKK Stratasys Antero 800 NA, can reach the standard Rail EN45545-2 requirements.These parts have been ESG Rail structure assessment, and will soon start to serving passengers test, expected to last until the summer of 2019.

FDM 3D printing parts (from left to right) : electrical connections cover, grasp the handgrip,                                                                          armrest and seat back

                 3D printing seat table chair (positive) and the original seat backrest (back)

The purpose of this work is to use the added material manufacturing to help solve the problem of obsolete parts, reduce the service life of the vehicle traffic cost, and can keep for a long time the vehicle passenger service.The innovation also has additional potential, reduce the cost of train operating companies because they can run according to the need to produce low parts, rather than mass production.

Commenting on the announcement, the Angel of Trains technical director Mark Hicks said: "this exciting industry cooperation could change the railway manufacturing industry.We are proud to ESG Rail and Stratasys promote the innovation, and hope that the solution can help the industry to get rid of the technical limitations, let we can continue to meet the needs of present and future passenger demand."

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