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APEX clothing combines traditional craftsmanship with 3D printed custom hardware
Aug 21, 2018

Focusing on 3D printing fashion, Alexis Walsh launched her latest collection, the APEX series, which combines handmade decor and generates digital forms. In collaboration with designer Justin Hattendorf, the six-piece series combines traditional craftsmanship with custom physical simulation to generate 3D printing hardware for clothing. APEX SERIES participated in the Platform Fashion x lexus 3D Fashion show in Dusseldorf, Germany.



New York city-based artist and designer Alexis Walsh - inspired by the development of wearable designs from more rigid structures - has been experimenting with additive manufacturing as part of its manufacturing process.


" the 3D printout was developed using our custom application, which aims to combine complex, precise digital models with hand-operated tactile, intuitive," "Walsh said. "" once printed, the translucent hardware comes with brass wire and is manually screwed onto the clothes. "

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