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APEX clothing combines traditional craftsmanship with 3D printing custom hardware
Aug 21, 2018

APEX SERIES explores this novel assembly technology in the following ways:


First, complex rivet shapes are designed in the flat cut patterns of clothing. Foam studs fill the top boundary. Spikes enhance the curvature of the pants. The randomised diamond form placed on the garment guides the fabric to hang so that it collapses on itself. Shoulder packs use strategically applied hardware to create structures and embellishments. Coats are made of a dense, fractured element, with an ergonomic drape along the body. The clutch bag hardware is used by the wearer to grip the handle of the bag.


By combining fashion design with 3D printing and simulation, the design can be quickly modeled, iterated, produced and assembled. Custom interactive algorithms ensure that each stud variant has the same formal language, and each variant has completely unique characteristics.



The full collection, which debuted at the harvard identity fashion show in April, was planned and produced by Harvard University. Coats and bags in hand are on display at GE's 3D industry in May.

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