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Apple get the patent of triangle set with 3D printing method
Oct 26, 2018

The patent is unique in filling design.Padding is objects within the repeating structure, used to keep the rigidity.Filling percentage and patterns will affect printing the weight, material consumption, intensity, time, and sometimes can also affect the decorative performance.Most fillers including objects in the form of uniform in shape or wave, in order to prevent the structure collapse.However, this traditional method often results in cracking of the end product or brittle.

Apple's new invention will fill the shape of the internal change for different size of triangles, the patent will these triangles called printing ceramic tile.

"Instead of using a fixed grid triangle pattern, you can use the triangle set to implement additional optimization, is dynamically determine its size and location," Sweet wrote."According to the implementation of this type of case method can, for example, in need of greater intensity area (such as near the edge) used in smaller print block, and less important in strength used in the area of the larger print block.In this way, the material can be deposit according to the needs of specific design.Using dynamic triangle embedded device (i.e., not fixed size triangular mesh) will allow into one??Step optimization in specific areas (e.g., near the edge) provide greater strength and reduce the material used in internal less critical areas."

The system also used for printing surface close to the smooth surface.

Sweet, points out that the current design of the print head need to 3D print head constantly change direction, but the system allows the print head organization achieve and maintain its maximum speed, because it only to move forward to form a triangular shape, and the print head when considering a larger area, can keep the direction of the longer distance.

Sweet and Apple's "using triangle set in 3D printing" patent (No. 8 years on October 23, 10105905201 authorization).

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