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Apple won the patent of triangle set with 3D printing method
Oct 26, 2018

The U.S. patent and trademark office officially announced this week that the Apple 46 new granted the patent.One of the new Apple granted the patent covers the invention related to 3D printing.More specifically, Apple put forward a new method of patent, the method USES triangle set print 3D models effectively.According to Michael R, this method could be divided into similar to the original smooth surface model in the shape of a small triangle, in terms of speed and/or materials used shows than the current 3D printer used in circular print head movement is more effective.Sweet Apple Canada Inc., senior printing system engineer, is also the only inventor of this patent.

"In an implementation example, constitute a triangle of the triangle is a fixed size.In another case, a dynamic is the size of the triangle of triangle.Small triangle, for example, can be used to form the edge of the object or need strength/support of other area.Larger triangle can be used to establish or build strength/support less important area, "Sweet wrote in the patent.

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