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BigRep 3D printing custom car wheels to make your car different.
May 07, 2018

The BigRep team printed the rim on its BigRep STUDIO 3D printer, printing a volume of 500 millimeters (19 inches) x 1000 mm (38 inches) x 500 mm (19 inches).According to Cristofori, BigRep ONE may have similar details and precision, and BigRep ONE recently upgraded with a new Power Extruder.


The 3D printing prototype is made using BigRep's own 3D printing wire PRO HT, which has good heat resistance and performs well in many mechanical tests.PVA is also used to print support structures.Final production wheels still tend to be composed of steel casting, but you can use the same 3D design and print method to make the final purpose of wheel cover, can be coated with powder to obtain professional metal effect.

Cristofori's next project is to develop a new 3D printing prototype car, in order to improve the vehicle's aerodynamic ability, he is likely to be from the 3D printing BigRep bionic propeller design inspiration, the design has the same type of smooth lines and fluid shape as a 3D printing rim.The company continues to promote innovation in 3D design, materials and printing technology.

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