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BigRep3D print custom car wheels to make your car different.
May 07, 2018

A unique element of Christopher's 3D printing prototype is a liquid dendritic structure from the center of the wheel.These supports are a functional, stable feature and an amazing aesthetic touch, and violate the specification of a single layer or layer of thread on a wheel or hub cap.This advanced rim geometry is difficult to achieve with traditional methods.The shape of the structure is not only difficult to visualize, but it is difficult to assess whether it is suitable for the wheel before it is actually made.


With the help of 3D printing, the complex design features can be tested at the design stage, and the 3D modeling process can accurately calculate the size, thus obtaining accurate size and simple assembly.This also makes the prototype of 3D printing especially suitable for testing purposes, when the final use of the shape or size of the parts is changed.

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