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BigRep3D printed custom car wheels to make your car different.
May 07, 2018

On May 4, 2018, Antarctic bears learned from foreign media that 3D printing expert BigRep recently used 3D printing technology to create an impressive new round prototype.Product designer Marco Mattia Cristofori hopes to develop an object with bold and eye-catching designs that will show the benefits of using 3D printing in industrial applications.He chose to improve the design of the wheel rim, one of the most popular car parts for car enthusiasts.After looking at the types of wheels and hubcaps currently available, Cristofori started using his own original 3D printing.


Conventional wheel rim customization is usually done with injection molding techniques, which can be costly and time-consuming.The advantage of using 3D printing technology is that it provides a lot of design freedom and improved prototyping time.All of this requires creating a 3D model for custom wheel design, and the 3D printer can achieve integration in relatively short time as long as the material meets the standard.

"With 3D printing, you can make an organic prototype, just like our Terra chair," Cristofori said."It allows you to imagine a more complex shape, because you don't have any limitations."

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