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BMW's latest M850i cars increased the night sky meteorites and 3D printing parts
Jan 07, 2019

BMW in Garching, Germany launched a study by the German Personal Manufaktur custom department design unique project, called M850i "sky".According to the official release, this custom car was in an unusually strong meteor shower is coming.Meteor shower is expected in 2019 January 3 solstice 4 night, the earth will briefly through the orbit of an asteroid 2003 EH.In the spectacle, asteroid fragments will enter the earth's atmosphere and burn up.In rare cases, a small rock in space will penetrate the protective layer of the earth, in the form of meteorites fall to earth.

Why is this important?As BMW mentioned, some of the alien fragments of BMW M850i has now been integrated in the night sky in the cockpit.

Meteorite embedded in the whole instrument panel decorating plate, start/stop button, select rod and a touch of iDrive system, create a unique visual and tactile effects.Inserts made of rock materials have also been integrated into the threshold veneer, badges and with lighting model.

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