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Canon developed for high resolution 3D printing a1umna-based ceramic material
Nov 29, 2018

Hardware developers often try to improve its 3D printers are the three major features of the printing speed and construction volume/resolution and accuracy.Some companies focus on large-scale 3D printing, and some companies focus on high-speed production, of course, many companies focus on the production of the fine 3D printing.Canon company is headquartered in Tokyo is famous for its cameras and photo printer, it decide by creating a can produce high resolution parts of new ceramic materials to pursue after a road.

Base material is the alumina matrix ceramic powder, the sintering with selective laser melting 3D printers.And use the SLA (stereo lithography) 3D printer other ceramic injection curing resin is different, in the final annealing baking experience as much as 20% of contraction, Canon ceramic parts after annealing stage size difference is less than 0.8%.Dimensional accuracy is vital for interlocking parts and industrial equipment, Canon's goal is the heat resistance and corrosion resistance of ceramic.

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