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Chemnitz university USES copper, iron and ceramics in 3d printing to successfully print important parts.
Apr 23, 2018

The team's innovative 3D printing process involves using paste, which is extruded like FDM and then sintered together like SLS.The paste consists of ceramic materials and metal materials such as copper and iron.Use a special adhesive to keep the paste together.The technology can also be used for 3D printing of ceramic and metal structures.This pioneering approach may continue to provide a wide range of potential applications for manufacturing electrical equipment.As we reported last year, the new 3D printing process was developed in close collaboration with ViscoTec, the German company that specializes in pumping liquid systems.


"The machines that were printed in the lab at the university of chemnitz represented a breakthrough and demonstrated the principles of our technology - it proved the feasibility of our technology," Rudolph said.He is now preparing to start a start-up with Lorenz after developing the pioneering manufacturing technology.To arouse interest, the team will present their 3D printing machines and related research progress at the hannover industry expo on April 23.

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