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Chemnitz university USES copper, iron and ceramics to successfully print important parts.
Apr 23, 2018

German TU Chemnitz has successfully made 3D printing of every important part of an electric motor for the first time, using copper, iron and ceramics.After more than two years of research, a team led by Dr. Ralf Werner, a professor at the university of chemnitz, will present their latest breakthrough at this year's hannover industrial fair.


The first important step in this study is to complete a fully 3D printed coil.The coil can handle more than the temperature of 300 , and last year for the first time the two academic members led by Werner Johannes Rudolph and Fabian Lorenz is complete.The coil is mainly composed of copper conductive body, which can be combined with iron or iron alloy parts to produce magnetic field.Ceramic materials are used to insulate copper conductors and copper conductors as well as iron or ferroalloy parts.

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