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Desktop speed 3D printer how fast
Nov 13, 2017

The 3D printer is the highest popularity of desktop 3D printer, it can help us to make a specific model with low cost, but the forming speed is not so fast in the imagination, unlike the sci-fi blockbuster movie that brush a few on the finished. For ordinary components, it may take hours to complete.

1, 3D printing speed

For now, desktop 3D printers can be generally divided into 3 kinds of printing speed, the first printing speed is 40-50mm/s, second kinds of printing speed is 80-100mm/s, and the third is in 150mm/s.

What you don't know is that when 3D printers work at a high speed, they bring high efficiency and low quality, and the quality of printing is obviously reduced over 150mm/s, because the consumables must adjust the extrusion speed according to the operation speed of the extruder.

2, how to set the printing speed

The speed settings of the 3D printer are usually set before the 3D printing is ready, that is, when slicing software is used. For example, in Cura, you only need to set parameters in the "basic settings" - "print speed". It should be noted that once sliced, the speed can not be modified from the software side, if modified, need to be sliced again.

In some printers, you can also adjust the printing speed, such as GiantArm D200, you can change the rate at any time in the printing process, so as to achieve better print effect.

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