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Digital manufacturing company launch medical grade Carbon MPU 100 resin
Sep 17, 2018

Carbon based in silicon valley, digital manufacturing company announced its first medical grade materials: medical polyurethane (MPU) 100 100.Similar to the Carbon material of rigid polyurethane MPU, 100 is a medical grade two-component resin, can use the Digital Light short isotropic hard plastic production.It is designed for medical system, skin contact equipment, contact equipment and disposable medical equipment components of the drugs.

The main functions of the MPU 100 include:

Engineering materials, excellent wear resistance
Tested in compliance with USP VI and ISO 10993-5-10 and biocompatibility
With epoxy ethane, electron beam and compatible gamma sterilization method
Maintain its biocompatibility after sterilization
Compatible with common disinfectants
Can provide certificate of analysis
The FDA to provide a master file

"By 100, MPU Carbon by providing mechanical properties, biocompatibility, sterilization compatibility and chemical resistance for medical equipment manufacturers to provide new features, for the patients in the production of safe and reliable end use product," materials, vice President of Jason Rolland said."Life science and medical equipment industry shows that the mass production of 3 d printing great hope, we will continue to give priority to developing the next generation."

MPU 100 only to the United States, Canada and Europe customers Carbon cartridges of 800 ml.

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