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Digital Metal Metal 3D printing automation concept
Oct 13, 2018

Digital Metal Metal powder production Group (Digital) Metal is Sweden Hoganas part of the Group, the company introduced a 3D Metal printing automatic production concept.

Last year, Digital Metal started producing DM P2500, this is a kind of high precision adhesive spray Metal 3D printers, can customize the mass production of tiny objects and high precision components.The company claims, it can print at a speed of 100 cubic centimeters per hour 42 micron layer.So far, the glue injection technology has enabled more than 30 parts to production.Several digital metal DM P2500 3D printer is continuous production, the production of series of products as many as 40000 pieces.

Now, things are changing.Although Digital Metal will continue to new clients and existing clients with 3D printing services, but it now also increases the automation in production process.

The general manager of Digital Metal Ralph kallstrom (Ralf Carlstrom) said: "most AM technology automation degree is very low.""Our goal is to change this situation.By new manual production line, our customers can further increase productivity, reduce production costs.Almost all of the labor intensive work can be eliminated, in addition, in the washing machine to remove the powder can be used in the process of circulation, thereby reducing waste.As we have seen, digital metal technology now can be used in continuous production of large quantities of parts.

According to Digital Metal company introduction, most processes will have to be completed by robot, it will "eliminate almost all manual work, further improve productivity."Robots will be used to build box loaded 3D printers, and then move the box for post-processing.Powder to remove the post-processing automation is controlled by the CNC grinder and pick up the robot to complete.Once the rest of the metal powder is remove and recycle, these parts will be placed on the sintering board.Then, the robot move the plates to the sintering furnace, partial debonding and sintering, or continuous production.

Digital, according to the Metal in the process of powder to remove introduction is the first step towards a fully automated production automation.In the process of pollen, CNC control information movement is based on the printing process.Of removing all the powder is collected and recycled, without any performance degradation.

"We believe that our unique technology has huge potential," Ralph kallstrom (Ralf Carlstrom) said."It is not only fast, cost-effective, and can create complex, highly detailed and material selection design."

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