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Easyjet using Geomagic Control the plane X damage assessment time shortened by 80%
Dec 29, 2018

Intuitive detection software can help airlines plane stop field overhaul time, reduce cost and realize the consistency of the report

If in the past 20 years, have you ever been to Europe somewhere, you flew on easyjet probability of air plane is very large.The leading European low cost airlines passengers for more than 600 routes more than 30 countries to provide a safe and convenient service, at the same time providing parts of the whole of Europe's most cheap fares.How did they do?The answer is for safety, simplicity and operation efficiency of concentration.Put safety at the core of all work, and constantly improve performance through innovation, reduce cost, easyjet full interpretation of the concept of engineering department.

In the company's maintenance hangar a easyjet A320, here the use of 3 d scanning technology improvement and accelerated the progress of the plane damage assessment

To reduce the ground time be maximized
Easyjet minimize delays and maintain a low fare is to reduce one of the magic weapon of the plane field overhaul (AOG) time.When the company's 298 airbus aircraft damage or mechanical failure, unplanned AOG event will occur, and the cost is high, not to mention the inconvenience brings to the passengers.Obviously, the faster the repair of damaged aircraft, the airlines and their passengers can benefit.

"We are one of the biggest challenges is to minimize the time AOG, and in the case of damage to keep accurate records," easyjet fleet structure engineer Andrew Knight said.Although rare, hail, bird strike and other events may cause damage to wing and body, to examine the plane before taking off again.Check the damage caused by such events traditionally belong to a low technology content, manual operation and time-consuming process, need maintenance personnel use the manual measuring tools (such as a scale and vernier caliper) on the damage to the aircraft maintenance.What's worse, the use of this technology to explain any damage degree is extremely subjective, between different staff operation is generally not high repeatability.To provide faster and more accurate, the traceability of the results, the structure of easyjet engineering team has been looking for a modern solution.


Geomagic Control is based on the wing flap of 3D scanning display X dent the result of analysis, including the maximum depth and distance between each dent.

With repeatability, accuracy and mobility of three-dimensional detection
"We are always looking for an easy maintenance engineers using the system, but also should support personnel required to provide more in-depth report.This system must be accurate and repeatable, the most important thing is to have mobility, because AOG events may happen in our 136 destinations around Europe anywhere in the network, "Knight said."The biggest challenge is software, because need a simple but powerful software solutions, in access to basic damage report at the same time, also be able to support department to provide further details.3 d scanning should provide us with accurate, fast, damage assessment, and the results have repeatability, and has nothing to do with the user experience."

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