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ESA and Lithoz 3D print simulated lunar dust into screw and gear
Nov 27, 2018

Austrian company Lithoz responsible for hd 3D printing.Since 2011, Lithoz have been developing, operating and sales of professional ceramic 3D printers, so they are the first selection of simulated lunar weathering.Their LCM (lithography based ceramic manufacturing) technology is the SLA of 3D printing a turning point, which mixed with compounds such as aluminum zirconium oxide and step by step a polymer by directional light curing.Then put the parts sintering to hardening in the oven.

They do the same thing, the weathering layer produces beautiful screw, gear and nozzle.Johannes, chief executive of Lithoz Homa added: "since we in ceramic material manufacturing expertise, we are able to achieve these results very quickly.We believe that the moon's ceramic material manufacturing has huge potential."

Through the use of lunar dust, the colonists could make replacement parts, tools, furniture, and even their homes.This means not only can save a lot of rocket fuel, because light polymer compared with the cement is very light, but also increase the comfort and security of the colonists, because when they think of a new solution, they don't have to wait for parts was shipped from the earth.Or when they are in case of emergency.

The study supported by the discovery of esa and preparation plan, the plan the activities of the forward-looking, involves the feasibility study, and show how new technologies used for space exploration.Many feasibility study ended up with negative results, so when these high quality ceramics 3D printing thing come out from the machine, the researchers could breathe a sigh of relief and excitement.

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