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ESA and Lithoz 3D printing simulated lunar dust into screw and gear
Nov 27, 2018

Let people go to the moon is difficult enough, but carry all their supplies, tools and instruments are also expensive, because this all want to go back to the fuel costs.Each with a screwdriver and bracket will increase weight and takes up space, so the engineer in this field have been looking for ways to reduce rocket inside and outside material quality.One of the most common idea is to make space in the lunar dust storm or the moon and the moon on the parts.The European space agency (ESA) has 3D printing in the lunar soil weathering test for several years, is the result of the recently made the most detailed part of the material universe.

ESA materials engineer Advenit Makaya report said, "these components have the best print resolution, using objects made of composite material simulation objects, shows a high level of printing precision, and enlarge the scope of the use of these items.If you need to print tools or mechanical parts to replace the damaged parts base on the moon, then printed items, the accuracy of the size and shape will be critical."

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