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ESA astronaut for future development of 3D print skin bones and body parts
Dec 11, 2018

In the case of extreme but reasonable, the moon and Mars settlers will be there for a few years at a time.When one of them inevitably severe burns, transplanted skin from another part of the body is not desirable, because the wound to heal more slowly in the space, so to make the risk is too big of a wound.But 3D from the body's own DNA biological printer can produce a skin grafts, like skin can be healed.The same idea applies to the bone, ultimately also apply to the organ.But build bones and organs is only half the battle, because they need to surgically implanted astronauts body, of course you also need to work properly.

"Another unknown is how biological print structure after printing will mature, and their implementation in the human body will be affected by space condition change," bones, joints and soft tissue research center director professor Michael Gelinsky said.Print "transplantation group also need to consider the required surgery.Sterile environment may not be able to gain ground in the operating room, equipment, and trained personnel, and to use disposable surgical items on the ground."

In the future, the use of AI auxiliary space surgery surgical robot might be more feasible than sending special surgeon.Due to long distance communication delays can make remote medical treatment can not be achieved, so no matter what is the solution astronauts, they must be self-sufficient.When it is open, flexible and customized solutions, there is no better than 3D printing technology.

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