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FATHOM has released an open source CAD / 3D printing plug-in: Crystallon.
Feb 25, 2018

FATHOM, a rapid prototyping company based in Oakland, calif., and Seattle, developed Crystallon, an open-source CAD / 3D printing plug-in for creating grid structures in Rhino and Grasshopper.


As an alternative to the city's grid design software, FATHOM's new Crystallon plug-in is developed by Aaron Porterfield, one of the industrial designers of 3D printing company.


In advanced Rhino and Grasshopper users would be welcome news, Porterfield FATHOM and 3D design plug-in source has released the grid, "not only to share with the community, but also by its users to further development."The tool is left as a cluster and can be opened and modified at will.


The advantages of CAD software plug-ins including can generate grid structure in the Rhino design environment, without the need for export to the third party software, other advantages include modular and plug-in with other powerful 3D modeling tool in the Grasshopper of combining ability.



FATHOM says it is looking for user feedback to improve.The future Crystallon plan includes utilities to import and export between more powerful simulation packages to include in the next release.

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