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From the cloud to low-level 3D printer control speed can be increased by 54%
Aug 27, 2018

Consumer 3D printing has brought home and office of small-scale computer driven manufacturing, but in spite of a large number of desktop 3D print options, but consumption level 3D printing does have its limitations, speed is one of the limitations.

Responsible for U - M smart and sustainable automation research laboratory, associate professor of mechanical engineering Chinedum Okwudire very keen on through the use of advanced software at low cost to improve the speed and precision of 3D printer.

Last year, Okwudire and his team have developed a software called "FBS vibration compensation" algorithm, can effectively double speed of 3D printing.Since then, they have been working on the vibration compensation algorithm are integrated into the Marlin, and open source release it to the 3D printng community."But we are not successful, because ATMega2560 microcontroller computing power and memory is very low, can't support our algorithms," said Okwudire."We are now considering to run on a more powerful microcontroller firmware on open source.As we get more progress, we will have more updates."

Okwudire, meanwhile, the lab has been trying a new way to control the 3D printer, which generated in the cloud stepper motor command (and other low-level control command), rather than on the microcontroller.

At present, a wide range of 3D printing services (for example, based on cloud components modeling, slicing and print services) relies on the cloud computing.Web-based radio host platform (such as 3 dprinteros Astroprint OctoPrint and Repetier Server) allows you to directly from the browser control and monitor all aspects of the printer and the print job.However, these platforms through the cloud send G code to control the 3D printer to the printer, at the same time will lower calculation is assigned to the local controller.

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