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From the cloud to low-level 3D printers control speed can be increased by 54%
Aug 27, 2018

Okwudire new ideas with the workings of a video stream is not too big difference, is OctoPrint Astroprint and 3dprinteros version works fine.Make it support wi-fi 3D printers can access the advanced algorithms running on a cloud, without very strong micro controller.

"Our preliminary results are very encouraging.We can from south Carolina and Australia based on cloud controller compensation Michigan Lulzbot Taz 6 the vibration of the 3D printer, without too many problems, so the print time reduced by 54%."Okwudire explained.

The printer is located in the university of Michigan, Ann arbor, the stepper motor command is to use Google cloud in south Carolina and Australia advanced motion control algorithm is to run on a computer.Use the user datagram protocol (UDP) sent via the Internet stepper motor commands and buffer to reduce transmission delay;Include checking to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data transmission.In two locations using cloud based controller printing in addition to a part of all parts are accessible (that is, due to excessive propagation delay without pause).In addition, using the controller, based on cloud print parts 54% faster than using a standard local controller, and will not reduce the accuracy.

Medieval castle printing using local controllers (marin) : (a);(b) controller based on the cloud
In south Carolina.(c) Australia controller based on the cloud.Part of the print is highlighted
Because of its very fine support structure, in the process of printing the dashed rectangle failure (off).

The work is still very experimental, but it has shown great promise.It may only be a 3D printer control the next key, printer can on-demand access to powerful algorithm, don't need to upgrade to the powerful micro controller can improve the performance."We imagine a similar OctoPrint platform, people can run with the help from the cloud our advanced algorithms to upload G code and remote control their printers," Okwudire said.

The details of the work published in the open-access journal writing in the book of 3D printing innovation.This article entitled "from the cloud to low-level 3D printer control: as a service to the 3D printer control step" papers can be found here.

Okwudire laboratory set up a website:, further research will be interested in the idea of people gathered together, and on their 3D printer for testing.

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