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GE introduces Spectra H metal 3D print equipment suitable for high temperature alloy processing
Apr 28, 2018


GE additive manufacturing says the build speed of 3D printers has increased by 50%.Heat management with removable heat shields is designed to better control temperature in the construction area.The improved layered process reduces the need for heating, saving the entire build for about five hours.

The Arcam xQam automatic calibration technique can obtain higher position and focus accuracy without manual calibration.It reduces the process from three to four hours to fifteen minutes.GE added that the innovation will be incorporated into Arcam EBM Spectra H and all Qplus systems.

In addition, in Arcam EBM Spectra H during the development process, in order to reduce the reliance on the operator and automation technology, is the weight of the powder in the PRS and hopper station to control the feeding, and read the location of the calibration shall be carried out during the material change, only no longer need to be done before the machine starts.

Operators will also be protected from powder inhalation, and closed powder treatment not only guarantees the integrity of batches but also reduces the risk of powder contamination.The automatic cyclone separator can be used for the filtration and recovery of coarse particle powder. The whole equipment is not only more efficient, but also more suitable for production level application.

GE after acquisition Arcam international had about GE will Arcam "frozen" such as discussion and worry, after all, most of the time of GE in the Concept of Laser action again and again, while Arcam has almost no movement.And with GE rapidly increasing its capital to buy the Arcam and delist it from the stock market, GE will not "refrigerate" the electronic beam technology, but it will do even more.

Electron beam processing than laser processing of an intuitive, has the advantage of low residual stress, and due to low residual stress in the whole process, the design only need less support, and parts are usually easy to fall off.

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