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GE's 3D printing commercial aerial parts FAA granted for installation
Nov 12, 2018

GE Additive and GE aviation company announced that the federal aviation administration (FAA) has given approval of "design change", to replace the traditional manufacturing electric door open system (PDOS) stents, used for GE aviation company GEnx Boeing 747-8-2 b commercial aircraft engine, with additional manufacturing support.

   The federal aviation administration (FAA) approval for 3D printing electric door open system                                                                        (PDOS) scaffold

New processing and manufacturing of PDOS bracket will be located in auburn, Alabama in GE aviation company factory mass production, this month will use GE i.e. the Concept Laser M2 more Laser 3 d printing system.Ge airlines is expected, install the new bracket of the first GEnx engines in 2019 January shipments.

PDOS, on the ground to open and close door fan cover, in order to enter the fan room for maintenance reasons.

Original PDOS GEnx engine - 2 b and stent is composed of solid metal grinding, result in about 50% of material waste.Now use direct metal laser melting (DMLM) material manufacturing technology to produce new stents, waste reduced up to 90%, parts weight decreased by 10%.

"We chose this project, because it represents our first.This is our Concept Laser machine certification first program.This is also our time in less than ten months from design to production of the first project, "GE aviation additives integrated product team general manager Eric Gatlin boys came callin said.

In the traditional on nickel-based superalloy using co-cr alloy for mass production decision makes building faster.This method will as efficiently as possible, in order to make the print four model at the same time.

"In order to ensure the M2 cusing machine certified, in line with the strict requirements of aerospace, our colleagues in this regard with GE i.e. the cooperation more closely than ever before.As we continue to think we can be in GE Additive on the machine design, to design and manufacture of many parts, I am looking forward to our team and technology in their pace, "Gatlin boys came callin added.Finally, by fully in internal production support, GE aviation companies will also reduce the production cost.

"Observation team from GE aviation companies, the United States, Mexico and Germany GE i.e. the cooperation is very well.In such a short time, they excels in the PDOS stents, and has been a real breakthrough success.See the M2 machine production flying quality hardware, and show its true capacity, is our own 3D printing of another important milestone, "GE Additive, President and chief executive of Jason Oliver said.

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