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Harvard University to develop new 3D print can use acoustic control droplet forming
Sep 05, 2018

SEAS, therefore, the research team developed a independent of fluid material properties of 3D printing system.They use sound waves to establish a system to help the gravity from the viscous fluid to form a controlled droplet size.

Progress in a paper in science, of Harvard University team, led by Jennifer professor Lewis they described how they have been designed and manufactured a subwavelength can produce acoustic resonator a limited sound field, it makes the tension is greater than the printer nozzle tip of 100 times the normal gravity.

     By controlling the target location, can be in any place carefully deposition and pattern of spray                                      droplets.In this instance, honey drops pattern on the glass substrate.

"The idea is to generate an acoustic area, separation of small droplets from the nozzle, like picking apples from the tree," the paper's lead author, materials science and mechanical engineering research assistant Daniele Foresti said.

The researchers tested for various materials, including honey, stem cell ink, biopolymers, optical resin and liquid metal.When reach a certain size can control, can control each droplet pulled out from the nozzle, ranging from a maximum of more than 800 microns to less than 65 microns, and turn it toward the target jet printing.The researchers found that the sound wave amplitude, the greater the droplet size is smaller, has nothing to do with the viscosity of the fluid.Importantly, the sound waves will not spread by droplets, making this method even for sensitive biological goods (such as living cells or proteins) are safe.

To spray droplets, acoustic printing using airborne ultrasound - almost nothing to do with materials.Even if the liquid metal can also be easily print!This special liquid metal in contact with the atmosphere to form solid shell, the special nature makes easy to a stack of the droplets on another.

"Our technology should be a direct impact on the pharmaceutical industry," lewis said."However, we believe it will become an important platform of multiple industries."

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