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How to change 3D printer supplies
Nov 13, 2017

Before users use the printer, you must correctly install consumables, otherwise it will appear in the process of printing can not pull the silk eventually lead to broken wire phenomenon, the specific loading method will be briefly introduced for you.

(1) first of all, the consumables tray is installed in the main shell of the 3D printer box, before installation, pay attention to observe whether the material of the tray has winding, knotting and so on.

(2) the head cut supplies come to a point shape, to penetrate the guide tube and feed motor hole.

(3) first, the consumable material passes through the guide wire tube, and then penetrates through the small hole of the motor, and is sent to the feed port of the nozzle motor.

(4) 3D printer nozzle heated to more than 200 degrees, the consumables penetrate the feed port, and then tighten the adjustment screw knob.

Special note: when installing and replacing consumables are required for heating supplies to all plug nozzle, heating nozzle, or may damage the 3D printer.

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