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HRE Wheels working with GE created the first 3D printing titanium metal Wheels
Nov 16, 2018

3D printing is not particularly new auto parts, but this is called HRE3D + 3D printing titanium alloy wheels looks like from the future.Performance wheel manufacturers HRE with ge (General Electric) the Additive AddWorks team, developed the first 3D printing titanium wheel.GE and its subsidiaries Arcam has been widely used for 3D printing capabilities and limitations, and HRE, more than anyone know how to make a good wheels, so there are a lot of cooperation on this project.

But not a lot of waste.This is because using 3D printing technology to make the wheels of the accounts for only 5% of the total materials, and using the wheels of the traditional forging manufacturing accounts for only 80%.When a wheel is forging, it started out as a 100 - pound metal, usually aluminum piece;In order to get a light and solid wheels, most materials are processed.Most of the material can not repeat use in the same way.Due to make a wheel needs a lot of raw materials, using titanium forging a wheel will be very expensive.Titanium has better strength than aluminium/weight index and corrosion resistance, so it is an ideal material to the wheels.

3D printing is modeled as a HRE designers brought new degrees of freedom, because they don't have to worry about trailer, tools, depth and empty, can even include staggered features.Size constraints mean spokes printed in several parts, and then attached to the carbon fiber wheel rim, and carbon fiber wheel without printing.But this is only temporary, ge will soon have to the wheels as a whole production printers, further reducing the use of time, weight and materials.

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