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Ikea and the two companies cooperation development of 3D printing game chair
Jun 21, 2018

UNYQ companies in silicon valley and the Swedish ikea furniture manufacturers, with education esports company Area Academy cooperation, develop customized seats solution for game players.Let the e-sports enthusiasts when playing games to increase comfort, using 3D printing and digital technology to customize its design, its design products, including 3D printing medical wearable innovation from the limbs and back support to the prosthetic leg coverings.

Ikea, UNYQ and Area Academy has been committed to create a unique 3D printing prototype, make more personalized gaming devices, accord with human body engineering, and easy to use.Its virtual orthopaedic service with 3D printing solutions, in order to increase the user's choice and comfort, and simplify the production process.

                                          Ikea and e-sports company cooperation

Ikea through cooperation with UNYQ, want to know how to use the photometric measurement and 3D scan in combination with 3D printing, made it possible to personalized products, so as to realize better and more personalized appearance of human body engineering, ikea in world development and design, production and supply the ikea stores all over the world and provide solutions to household.Area Academy in the aspect of equipment has a lot of professional knowledge, also can make a better game experience.

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