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Ikea and two companies cooperation development of 3D printing game chair
Jun 21, 2018

Area Academy set up different levels and ages of e-sports personnel testing team, hope to cooperate with the use of e-sports in education school, and set up camp for e-sports athletes.The company also provide Suggestions for ikea furniture designer, how much more comfortable in the e-sports to find the proper posture.

                                                                  3D printing seat

UNYQ Area has been related to the Academy, carefully study the appearance, ergonomic and mobility, trying to explore how to change the game by household life.The game chair use only about 9 weeks to complete the 3D printing design, and in Sweden ikea eminem hult democratic design made its debut on day, shows the ikea 3D printing results of the latest game chair.This 3D printing game chair is expected to hit the market in 2020, after the e-sports players will not cut the hand!

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