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Inspired by the beetles, 3D printing slurry when cracks become more strong
Oct 09, 2018

Purdue university researchers using 3D printing water slurry, which is used to build all kinds of infrastructure elements composition of concrete and mortar, become more tough under pressure.Researchers claim that the technology can help to build flexible structure, can resist the negative impact of natural disasters like earthquake and wildfires.

Lehrer, civil engineering, purdue university, a professor at the school, he said: "the nature of the weakness of must deal with, so we are taking advantage of cement base material" built-in "weakness to improve their resilience.

It is believed that the researchers work may lead to more damage and tolerate defects of structural elements, such as beams or columns.

3D printing to draw inspiration from the shell of arthropod, how to control the damage of the material between the print layer spreading, such as trying to break a bunch of uncooked spaghetti instead of single.

Purdue university civil engineering professor Pablo Zavattieri said: "the arthropod exoskeleton has crack propagation and the toughening mechanism, we can in the slurry of 3D printing copy."

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