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Iro 3D now offer $5000 desktop SPD metal 3D printers
Nov 05, 2018

These extra steps aside temporarily, it is worth noting that Iro3d 3D printers in some key aspects of the printer is simpler than the traditional plastic.For example, the system eliminates the fan, heating and hot side bed, instead of relying on the head to pick up a container, then use spiral drill to store.Here, the sand ACTS as a supporting material, the object fixed in place until it is set.Two container a sandy correspond to the two different metal powder particle size: a finer powder used for printing externally visible surface, a more coarse powder used for internal filling.

So far, the company has tried to iro3d printing used in high carbon steel, copper, iron and copper nickel, although they say "low carbon steel, copper, nickel silver, copper, gold, silver, gold, gold and silver nickel should also be possible."Other metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, more research is needed, and vacuum and argon gas with a controlled atmosphere furnace, etc.

Used with other metal 3D printing technology of kiln, the SPD process without shrinkage.However, due to the level of thermal expansion of the crucible, baking in stainless steel crucible, the shape will have 2% of the deformation.But in the ceramic crucible, no deformation.

The volume of a 3D printer iro3d metal is about 300 x 300 x 100 mm.Minimum thickness measurement in 0.3 mm, and the system of "pour out" (or equivalent) of hot end diameter of 1 mm.About the print time listed in 24 hours.

If strong sales, to be sure, as the growth of the demand, the price of 3D printers will decline, and Iro3d will also keen to expand the market.3 d printer starts at $5000, plus the freight.At present, the system of the price of iron powder and powder of about us $5 per pound.

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