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Iro3d now offer $5000 desktop SPD metal 3D printers
Nov 05, 2018

Due to the emergence of a new company called iro3d Seattle people can afford metal 3D printing technology may be faster than we thought.Earlier this year, the start-up companies in the United States released their metal beta 3D printers, priced at $5000.Although there are now many price below $500 desktop plastic printer, but in the field of 3 d printing of metal, the retail price of $5000 is almost unheard of.

Since May 2018 in the United States to booking, the company said in a June report "pre production is on time for the printer."In recent months, it has four customer delivery.A Hong Kong company is currently testing the device, and have the interest to be a distributor of Hong Kong and mainland China.The other three customers is a Canadian company and two us customers independently.

Iro3d metal 3D printers use a powder called selective deposition (SPD) process.Although the new system can really Iro3d print out high quality metal, steel, in particular, but the printer does not print out fully integrated entity object.On the contrary, it is made of sand and powder metal metal containers or crucible.Then the user will be container into the furnace.Only through the dense sintering process, will produce strong steel objects.Iro3d wrote: "for high carbon steel to a temperature of 1250 ° C, the duration is 3 hours.Copper iron and copper nickel temperature of 1184 ° C, the duration is 2 hours."

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