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Israeli start-up firm Jet Eat test 3D printing vegetarian steak
Dec 03, 2018

With the increase of global meat consumption, researchers and developers are also trying to create can convincingly imitate animal product flavor and texture of plant alternatives, many people are turning to 3D printing to solve quality problems.An Israeli company called Jet the Eat have begun to plan launched in 2020 to them 3D printing vegetarian steak taste test.

Eshchar Ben Shitrit founded in early 2018 Jet Eat, since then, he has worked in the stage development of meat substitutes.Shitrit used to eat meat, familiar with its subtle attribute, explains: "meat is characterized by four parts: muscle, fat, myoglobin and connective tissue.We use our 3D printers and precise formula of the complex matrix of meat."

3D printer is not create complex three-dimensional shape, but the "print layer.In the layer, the embedded attributes, such as flavor and color, changed the way consumers perception of the final product, "according to Jet Eats.

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